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How To Make Decluttering Absolutely Magical PART TWO: Check This Out

This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are mine. HOW I ORGANIZED A SMALL CLOSET THAT MADE ME CRAZY   In my house there is an afterthought closet in the Master Bathroom. So much of an afterthought, in fact, I’m positive when my house was built someone…


A FIREMAN First Birthday: You’re Absolutely Going To LOVE

This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are mine. The cutest baby on the planet turned one recently and while I was spinning my head around saying “Wait! What? Wasn’t he just born last week?” my daughter’s incredible in-laws were planning a…


How To Make Decluttering Absolutely Magical: Check Out What I Did

This post includes affiliate links however all opinions are mine.   I would love to have a magic wand magically turn my clutter into perfectly organized joy. Decluttering can bring joy?   Seriously? Yes, I absolutely believe this. The first time I read about the blockbuster book, The Life-Changing Magic…


How I Saved A Ton By Making My Own Dog Food

My family is animal crazy. No, seriously. It’s really not healthy. On top of that, I’m not kidding when I tell you strays just seem to find us.  It’s like a cloud, or an aura, or something else I don’t really believe…


How I Saved My Chairs And Wallet My Way

Click to Tweet! After four kids (one of them still in progress only just now able to reach the sink to wash his own hands), my gorgeous table chairs with the cream cushions were done.  So, since I didn’t want to pay anyone else, here’s how…