We All Love Presents–Hello Stitch Fix #1

My mom used to send me presents, “Just Because”.  She knew me so well that she was never wrong when she picked up something she was sure I would like. Stitch Fix has capitalized on that idea and I knew I would love it before I even tried their service.  I figured it was worth the $20 styling fee especially since I could apply that towards anything I decided to buy. When my first box arrived it was so nicely packaged that I almost hated to open it–for a split second.


First, I was completely surprised that everything fit me perfectly. That doesn’t even happen when I take things off the rack that catches my eye in stores. Even the tiny little white shorts that I would have dismissed with a quick “no way” looked amazing.


Only one blouse in the batch inspired a raised eyebrow when I first looked at it and I had to admit it looked great on but I didn’t love it so I quickly went on to the next piece.


The maxi dress was a huge hit with both of my daughters who told me I look great in it but again, no love was inspired so I moved on.


I couldn’t decide if I loved the next piece because it had a neat camisole underneath or because of the crocheted shoulders but it was nothing I would have even chosen to try on and yet I felt wonderful in it so it went into my maybe pile.


The final piece was love immediately.  I loved the color, details and the way it draped and looked great over jeans or dressier pants.  It had a small flaw on the shoulder where it looked like the machine just missed catching one spot of the lace making a small hole.  I contacted StitchFix and they said they would either exchange it for a new one or allow me to fix it for a 15% discount.  I took the discount, spent five minutes with a needle and thread and happily kept this gem of a wardrobe piece.


My final verdict?  I kept only the green beauty but I was already hooked and couldn’t wait for my next shipment.  As an added benefit, every time someone you know signs up for a Fix using you (or me) as a referral, we get a $25 discount!  Give it a try.  Just click HERE to get your own Fix and share the fun!


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